(please include footnotes and bibliography)
During the Cuban Revolution, revolutionaries either fought under Fidel & Che in the Sierra
mountains or were fighting in the city with underground groups. Describe the role of those
outside of the Sierra in the revolutionary process. Talk about what these underground groups
did, especially the popular groups such as The Directorio (under Jose Antonio Echevaria) and M267 (under Frank Pais). What made these leaders so special and what did their groups do? What was the role of Cubans who were not involved
in the underground? Use at least 2 examples that describe the role of those
outside of the Sierra from each of the films “David” and “Clandestinos”.
These films are extremely rare and hard to find so in order to view them you must log in from the links below. Please log out when finished.
email: ajohn178@lion.lmu.edu
password: GXhgj@LMU32
Clandestinos movie link:
David movie link: https://brightspace.lmu.edu/d2l/le/content/178837/viewContent/2011614/View

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