For each chapter assignment, if you select Option #2, type a double-spaced report that encompasses information that you learned from reading that chapter. Your report should include information from the following sections or parts please DO type each section’s number and name as you begin each Part of the assignment, then type your responses to each part of your assignment.
For example: Part 1: Chapter Summary—(then begin typing your comments for this part on the same line), etc. Each Part of your assignment should begin on a new line.
Part 1: Chapter Summary—Begin typing your comments on the same line. For Part 1 of your assignment, summarize what you learned from reading the entire chapter. More specifically, what are some of the key themes, concepts, and principles that you learned when reading this chapter? Part 1 should be approximately 2 ½ – 3 pages in length. Your discussion should be in full sentences and paragraphs format. Warning: Do NOT type your information verbatim (word for word) as in the textbook. Type what you learned in your own words. Each paragraph in this section should contain approximately 6 to 7 comprehensive sentences.
Important NOTE: In summarized writing, you are only stating (in our own words) some of the major points or ideas that you learned from reading the chapter. DO NOT include your personal opinion or experiences, your interpretation, or your own thoughts about what you read when writing your chapter summary.
Part 2: Management Application—Begin typing your comments on the same line that you type “Part 2”: (Your comments in this section should be in two or three paragraphs.) Each of the paragraphs in this section should contain between 6 and 7 comprehensive sentences.
(1) Discuss (in the first paragraph) what you learned in this entire chapter
BMGT 2309
that will help you to become a more effective leader. (2) Discuss (in the second paragraph) how you would apply the information you learned in this chapter to manage, motivate, and/or encourage others, etc. more successfully.
NOTE: When you complete Parts 1 and 2 your paper should be at least 3 pages in length.

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