Essay #3 (E3): Justifying an Evaluation
The whole purpose of a writing class is for you all to learn how to communicate better with the people around you and be able to understand your world better. Entertainment is a critical part of our world: it’s how we have fun with others and have fun alone. I had a professor once who said that while she was getting her PhD, she was incredibly busy with studying, classes, and work, so she had no social life. However, she had the TV show, Friends! She explained how those characters became her virtual friends who she became invested in and was able to “meet up with” every week. This consistent social interaction got her through those busy, potentially lonely years.
However, entertainment also holds great power over our minds and actions. It has the ability to control how we think of ourselves and how we think of others, and thus it has the ability to control how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. This is the cause of our current societal debate on why it is so important for entertainment to reflect our diverse nation so that everyone is properly represented and celebrated.
Thus, that is our task with this essay: to share our opinions (basically, write a review) about an element of entertainment (a movie/movie series, theatre production, television series, restaurant, museum, place of entertainment, video game/video game series, music video, a song, an album, etc.) that has affected our lives and discuss whether or not it properly promotes diversity/raises awareness for a typically silenced issue/etc.
Our Learning Objectives for the Finished Product of this Essay:
As stated throughout this course, every assignment we complete fulfills certain Learning Objectives from the Course Outline of Record (for the full list, please reference our home page).
Our objective with this assignment is to write our second essay and continue to reach our goal of writing a total of 6000 words/24 typed pages over the course of this semester. This 1100 word essay fulfills the following Learning Objectives:
The finished essay exhibits that you are developing proficiency at synthesizing source material to support an arguable thesis
The finished essay exhibits that you are developing proficiency at critical reading and thinking strategies to develop cogent arguments, specifically that you’re learning how to:
critically read and discuss academic texts,
formulate provocative arguments in reaction to the texts
demonstrate a logical organizational structure
synthesize source material through paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting.
The finished essay exhibits that you are able to evaluate primary and secondary sources in written form.
The finished essay exhibits that you are able to locate, evaluate, and integrate college-level research.
The finished essay exhibits that you are developing proficiency at documenting sources using MLA formatting
Essay Question(s)/Assignment:
You will write an opinion-based evaluation (review) of an element of entertainment (EOE) essay of 1100 words (or more) that addresses all three of the following questions. Your thesis statement will be your direct answers to these questions, so your thesis statement will be 2-4 sentences long.
Do you like your chosen EOE or not?
Why do you like your chosen EOE or why do you not like your chosen EOE?
Does this EOE promote diversity or raise awareness of a typically silenced issue or give a voice to the voiceless? Why or why not? (This should be at least one of your main points; it does not have to be what your whole essay is about)

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