Each of your 3 answers should be no shorter than 1.5page double-spaced, and no material outside the assigned texts should be used (I will consider this plagiarism, and as per the syllabus there punishment is failure of the course).
-Use any system of citation you wish.
Choose Three of the following prompts to address:
1) Explain Holbach’s position on free will and determinism.
2) Explain William James’ opposition to determinism.
3) Describe, in a detailed fashion, the nature of Hume’s Moral Sentimentalism (his position regarding the relationship of morality to sentiment). Be sure to explain not only what moral sentimentalism is, but also why Hume thinks it’s the correct theory to adopt on this matter.
4) Explain Strawson’s position on the possibility of ultimate moral responsibility; and include those who disagree with him.

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