Choose a common household item and sell it in an infommercial using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence! However, you cannot sell it as it is commonly used. For example, you cannot sell a pair of sunglasses as a pair of sunglasses, but you can sell it as glasses to see all the correct answers on an exam. Feel free to go wild with your imagination and the realm of possibility can be extended.
Answer the following prompt fully:
1. Tell me about your product! What is the name of your product, price, manufacturer, etc.
2. Complete Monroe’s Motivated Sequence for your product
Attention: What topic/industry/aspect of life does your product relate to?
Need: What problem do people have that would be addressed by your product?
Satisfaction: Tell us about your product and how it would fix the problem previous mentioned?
Visualization: How will the world/the product-user’s life be changed for the better with your product?
Action: What should they do now? How can they find your product? How much is your product?
3. Upload a visual ad for your product! Be tech-savvy as you want, but it must include a photo of your product, your product’s name, price, etc. Be creative!
4. Lastly, decide on your persuasive speech topic! Include the following information and make sure no one else has claimed your topic.
Topic and Position (i.e. Pro Defunding LAPD, Against Paying College Athletes)
Type of Persuasive Speech (fact, value or policy)
Proposed organizational pattern (Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, Problem-Cause, Topical, etc).

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